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How to Make Money by Working as Online Translator and Interpreter

How to Work as Online Translator and Interpreter

A Video Interpreter (V.I.) assisting an on-screen client. (Courtesy: SignVideo), Work as Online Translator and Interpreter

A Video Interpreter (V.I.) assisting an on-screen client. (Courtesy: SignVideo)

Welcome to Working as Online Translator and Interpreter Article. The opportunities to work online has increased dramatically with the expansion of internet depending businesses globally. The Internet has created multilingual business environment globally, which is majorly dependent on the communication. Nowadays, there is vast scope for people with crafty communication skills to work online. The global companies have consumers and clients from all over the world with different languages. So, companies and business people rely on solely on translators and interpreters for their business to business and business to consumer correspondences. Although many computerized translation services are available, but these translation services can not match the quality of translation done by humans. If you know at least more than one language you can work online as a translator or interpreter in your spare time to earn extra income.

Working as Online Translator and Interpreter

You can get translation jobs if can speak, read and write in more than one language. Especially if you are skilled in most demanding languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, etc, you can get plenty of translation work. To get translation work from the internet, you have to market your translation skills on the freelancing website or you can also set up your own website offering translation services. When you get hired, your job is to translate documents and recordings for clients in a very flexible schedule. It is one of the most easiest work because you can do. You can work any time in a day or night before the submission deadline.


Translation Work

As mentioned in previous lines the companies which deal with clients of different language needs translators for their business operations. They hire people who can accurately translate the desired documents for them. They may ask legal, technical or medical documents to be translated in their desired language for their business requirements.


Working As An Interpreter Online

Companies also look out for the talented people who can convert the spoken word from one language into another language. For this job you need excellent listening skills clear voice quality. If you are hired as an interpreter your role is to understand and analyze the messages of speakers and convey its meaning so that they can understand each other. Online interpretation is a virtual job and you have to participate through Skype or phone conference call. This job is not flexible in term on timing because you must be available at time of appointment. You can get online interpretation work online from freelancing websites. You can also join one or more companies which provide online language interpretation services.


How Much Can I Earn?

On average, for general translation jobs you will be paid about $12 per hour. But you have reasonable experience in translation and interpreting or you hold a linguistics degree you will get up to $30 per hour. The pay is generally higher for translating technical or scientific work.


Where to Find Translation and Interpretation Jobs

Working as Online Translator and Interpreter  jobs are offered by a lot of companies and websites. You can start your career as a translator or interpreter by bidding on the jobs which are available on freelancing sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, FlexJobs, etc. There are also translator job boards such as,,, etc, which list different translation jobs. You can work as a translator for a company or a website from home so you can work simultaneously with more than one client. You can also make your own personal blog and get work as an independent client.


Companies Offering Translation Jobs Online

Here is a list of some companies which offer jobs for translators and interpreters as freelancers. If you are willing to work online for some extra money you can try your luck on websites of companies mentioned below:

  • Affordable Translations
  • Creative English Solutions
  • Global Link Translations
  • Eriksen Translation
  • Trusted Translations
  • We-Translate
  • SDL International
  • Dialog One
  • TeleLanguage
  • 101Translations
  • African Translation
  • Able Innovations
  • AccuRapid Translation
  • Butler Hill Group
  • Language Line Services
  • Lion Bridge
  • ABC Translation Services
  • Avant Page
  • Executive Linguist Agency
  • Pacific Interpreters


Final Words

In present time, the translation and interpretation jobs are trending. You can earn extra money if you’re multilingual with strong communication skills. The jobs for Working as Online Translator and Interpreter are very flexible in terms of timing and gives you a reasonable income at home.