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How To Setup The WHB Autoposter App – Step By Step Guide


Hello and Thank you for Purchasing this WorkingHomebase Guide. Congratulations for deciding to equip yourself with our latest Facebook Autoposter Online Software.

This is the latest and most powerful tool that allows you to submit and schedule your Post, Messages, Pictures and Videos automatically to different Facebook Groups, like Pages and even to your Profile page. Your message will be posted according to the schedule, whether or not you are logged into your account. While you sleep or play, this software serves as your "partner" that works for you.


The Purpose of this Guide

Since you purchase our WHB Facebook Autoposter Tool, I assume that you are tired of visiting other FB Groups and tired of posting your messages manually to each page. If you’re a Marketer and you want to auto-pilot your messages to different groups, then this tool is the right tool for you. You don’t need to do all the hassle part, you just have to enter your messages and relax while the program will do all the work for you.

The purpose of this guide is to help users in our tool to setup the WHB Facebook Autoposter successfully into their account. This guide will help you setup an Application in Facebook so that you will use this App to Post the software in your behalf.


At the end of this Guide you will learn how to:

-   Setup an Application in your Facebook account

-   Learn how to Import all your Facebook Groups to you Autoposter Tool

-   Learn how to schedule your post and setup a “safe” posting time interval

-   Learn the Limitation on Posting Facebook

and lastly…..

-   Relax and Enjoy while this Software will do all the work for you!



Chapter I - How to setup the Facebook App


Step 1 - First of all, you need to open or register a developer account in Facebook. You need to go to:


Make sure you register and logged in with your Facebook account that you will be using to use the autoposter tool.

And click on accept the Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy



Step 2. - After that, click on the Upper Right Side and Click on drop down arrow “My Apps” and click on “Add New App”



Step 3 - Open a Notepad and copy or write down these URLs since you will need this one in the installation setup:



Step 4 - Follow the Instructions on the Youtube

Please Turn On the Subtitle for more information on the setup. You can just pause the video if you think the setup is too fast to follow.


Step 5 - After you successfully setup your App, you can now then go to your Dashboard and go to Settings Copy your App ID and Your App Secret in your Notepad


Once you have those App Id and App Secret details ready, you can now log in to your

WHB FB Auto-poster account to run the tool and you’re done.





Chapter II - How to setup the Auto-poster Site


Step 1.) Make sure that you have the Username and Password ready, this was provided when you purchased the product.

( Note: If you forgot your username and password upon ordering, please contact us directly to provide you with the username and password. )

So now, go to:

Login with your username and password. Once you’re logged in, you will go to the WHB Autoposter Dashboard Page.

Go to the Settings Tab

Paste Your App ID and your App Secret that you saved from your notepad.

And hit on “Save Settings” button.



Step 2 - Go now to the “Dashboard Tab

Click on Login, and then login with your Facebook Username and Password.

Once you’re logged in,it will ask you to continue logged in with the App

Just always click on “Okayuntil you will be back with the WHB Autoposter dashboard website.


Step 3 - After granting access & connecting the facebook account with the poster, the next thing you need to do is to IMPORT your GROUPS to the Auto-poster.


Or check the video below:

Now that you have successfully IMPORTED your groups, it’s time to start posting to groups:





It will not auto-post directly, there is still an interval of 5-10 mins after you hit Publish, so that you still have time to change in case you have mistakenly input or type in a wrong content to publish. You can then go to Schedules” Tab to monitor the status your posts.



You’re all set!

You can now start using and enjoying this powerful  Facebook Auto-poster Tool!

If you have any troubles regarding the setup or any questions you want to ask, you can send as an email to:  or


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