Freelance Writing For Moms - A Guide for Writing Jobs From Home -
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Freelance Writing For Moms – A Guide for Writing Jobs From Home

Freelance Writing for Moms

Freelance Writing Moms


Freelancing can be wonderful and flexible way to earn money online in the comfort of your home as you take care of your kids. It may not be easy as it seems but it can actually be challenging to look for freelance jobs over the internet and dedicate your time specifically to your online job as you feed and run after your kids, clean the dishes, sweep the floor and other tasks at home.

Good thing is that, there are many ways that can make your problems or tasks easier and make the most of your productivity.

Freelance Writing For Moms


  • Set your goals. Freelance jobs are available in many websites, and works are ranging from data entries, transcriptions, book keeping, translators, and writers to web designers, customer supervisor, tutors and more. Some of these jobs may not be worth of your time, but still determined by how you handle your work. What exactly is your goal? Do you want to work temporarily from different clients or you are also hoping to get full time job offer?


  • Make outstanding cover letter. Develop a specialized cover letter that you can send to clients or employers. State your skills in full details to give an impression to employers. When you are already sending applications, make sure that you add more than what you have written in your cover letter, depending on what type of job is offered.

  • Make an account in freelancing sites. There are many freelancing sites such as Upwork, Elance, Freelancer and Odesk which offer job seekers available freelance jobs and allow you to make advertisements of your service. Describe your skills on your profile and highlight your previous works.Also use appropriate professional-looking picture on your profile.


  • Look for job offers that fit your hectic schedule. After perfecting your profile, use the search engine by typing “writers needed” or phrases which are similar to that, and writing job offers will appear on your screen. Set a certain time for you to search for suitable jobs.

Build Your Reputation


  • Provide your best work. Employers would not mind if you have children to take care of and have many tasks to do at home as long as you are delivering your work perfectly. Make sure that your work is well done and that they will be impressed.


  • Be Punctual. Some employers may require you to submit your work on specific time. Submitting your works ahead of time is thumbs up, but submitting it late may cause troubles with your client and would not consider working with you again. No matter how many tasks you are doing at home, set a time that is dedicated for work.

  • Patience is a virtue. It takes time to build a reputation. Just keep on taking online jobs offered in freelancing sites and do your best in all your work. Your persistence will help you achieve high scores and good ratings from clients. Moreover, it will help you develop your writing skills by multiple practices.

Time Management


  • Set specific hours dedicated for work. If you don’t, you may end up doing more household chores than you have to, and get delayed from submitting your works. Organizing your time will also help you avoid stress. Write your schedule down, from making breakfast, cooking lunch, and preparing dinner. Insert your working schedule in between. If it will be better, you may cook your meals once, like cooking lunch and the same time, dinner, at 11 am. You can just heat it up later to keep it warm.

When you finish your work within your set working hours, you can go back to watching over your kids and play with them. This way, you already finished your work plus more time to play with the kids.


Be More Effective in Writing


  • Make a research. When writing, you just do not limit your work from what you know. You need to do researches to broaden your knowledge about what your topic is and gain more opinions from others, and known facts from experts, but avoid too much time surfing the net. Stick to your topic as much as possible.


Do not forget to edit your work. After you finish writing, ensure the correct spelling and grammar, together with the correct punctuation marks. Some clients do not have the time of editing your work. Make sure that your work is already edited before submitting it.