Choose the Perfect Name for your Startup Business
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4 Easy Tips On How to Choose the Perfect Name for your Startup Business

Choose the Perfect Name for your Startup Business

If you're starting your own business, choosing a name is not easy task. Choosing a name for your business can be very challenging. You want a name that people can easily remember, and a name that will speak for itself, with or without a business logo. In choosing a business name, you have to consider a variety of points.  

Below are the Easy Steps on How to Choose the Perfect Name for your Startup Business.

1.) Choose An Easy Spelling That's Easy To Remember.

First of all, the name you choose should not only be memorable, but it should also be easy to spell. It is harder for a person to look up a name in a phone directory or search for a name online when that person does not know how to spell it.

They will be led to places or pages where they never intended to go if you do not make your name easy to spell. Not only should a business name be easy for consumers to spell or remember, but it should also have some visual quality to it.

For example, if you think of the name for a restaurant named ”Sandwich Queen” you would most likely immediately visualize an image such as a woman dressed in royal clothing holding onto plate of prepared sandwiches. (If there is a name of a restaurant named Sandwich Queen, it is purely coincidental and not related to the example used in this article).


2.) Create a Strong Positive Connotation.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a name for your business is that the name has to have a positive connotation to it. This can be a challenge, because many words can have both positive and negative meanings, depending upon the usage of that word.

However, words like queen are powerful enough, that most likely people would remember all the goodness of a queen-such as her beauty, and the status that she has in the kingdom.

3.) SHORT and Direct.

Your business name also should be short and to the point, and relevant to what products or services you offer. Sometimes both of these are hard to do at once. If you want to keep it simple, you can use your first name, such as Julie’s Soups. This would visualize to others that you are a real live person selling them soups.

You could also add Julie’s Homemade Soups, if you want so they know that the soups are hot and fresh. Generally speaking, however, names longer than two, or at the most three words long, are a little too long.

If you want to say more about your business that is not in your short but sweet business title, you can always do so when you create your business’ ad campaign. Otherwise, you should be able to have your name stand out with as little as two words.

Along with that, your business name should be able to stand alone, without a logo, so that when people hear ads on the radio or word of mouth (though visual ads are always best) they will be able to, again, visualize what the name of the business means.

Even though your business name should always be meaningful on its own, you will want to combine it with a logo. A logo is a work of art that symbolizes what your business is about. It usually is placed alongside, underneath, or above your business name. Your business logo also should be constructed from colors that work well together.

Your business name should contain all of the attributes mentioned in this article so far, plus it should be as original as possible. Obviously, if you use your first name, someone else, such as Julie’s Soups, may use the business name. This would not necessarily win in the category of originality.

If you can find alternative ways to say the same thing as Julie’s Soups says your name will score higher in the originality department.

4.) Study Well-Known and Existing Businesses.

If you have a hard time finding a name that meets every single one of the above attributes, you can consult a professional who can help you. Another way to find ideas for business names is to study the names of well-known existing companies. When you observe the names of famous fast food, grocery stores, or hotel chains, for instance, you are sure to come up with a winning name idea for your company.

If you need help with any aspect of running your business other than choosing a business name, you can find that as well. Successful businessmen and women every single day seek help and advice from others on how to make their overall business better. Choosing the right name just happens to be one of the most important aspects of starting a business, so it deserves some attention.

So that sums it up. If you have any other tips you can provide to us then fill free to share it by leaving a comment below.