How to Buy Apps from Google Play without Risking or using Your Credit Card
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How to Buy Apps from Google Play without Risking or using Your Credit Card

Do you want to buy some apps in Google Play Store but you're not really comfortable in entering your credit card details to your Google Account because of the fear that you might end up having some unnecessary purchases to an App that you don't even know? Or do you want to make sure that if your child uses your phone, he/she can't just simply make unnecessary purchases on some Gold Coins without your knowledge?

If you don't want to enter or tied directly your credit card account to your Google Play account to get rid on any other in-app purchases then I can share with you this guide on to buy Apps from Google Play without Risking or using Your Credit Card

Over the last year, Google made Play store easy for android users who wants to buy something in Google Play Store App. Perhaps, you want to buy additional credits for your favorite game. Or you even wanted to buy the Premium Version of the Free Application you downloaded, but what if you're not comfortable with giving out your credit card information?

Me, personally, I really don't want to enter my own credit card information to Google. I'd rather use some other external or other payment method in which I can have a full control on the purchases. I'd rather have a card in which I can just simply load it up if there is something I need to purchase.

If you wanted to buy Apps or purchased something in Google Play Store without using your own personal credit card or without even using your Load from your Mobile Carrier Provider, then you can simply use this method which I think it could definitely help you with your purchases without the risk of having your load/balance be billed or deducted or have your credit/debit card tied up to your Google Play store Account.

With this payment method, I recommend you use the Paymaya Virtual Card. Yes, that's right you've heard it, its the same as a Master Card or a Visa Card but it's just a virtual card. What you need to do first is register and create a Paymaya Account. PayMaya provides a secure online payment solution without a need for credit card. Just register it with your mobile number and get an instant Visa/Master Card that you can load up with cash.

Please follow the steps below on how to register to Paymaya so that you can buy Apps from Google Play without Risking or using Your Credit Card.

Step 1. Download the FREE Paymaya App in your Android Device.

Once you're registered in Paymaya, you need to Load up your PayMaya wallet at
any of the following:

Robinson's Department Stores
SM Business Center
Smart Padala
Smart Wireless Center
BDO online/mobile banking: Log in to your BDO online/mobile account. ...
Touch Pay. ...
Union Bank ATM. ...
Smart Padala.

Step 2. Load up at any PayMaya Load Up Center. Just Prepare your mobile number.

The one that is my favorite when loading up my Paymaya account is by loading it via  7-Sleven. The good thing about loading your Paymaya Wallet through 7-Eleven is  that the store is open 24 hours and you can just simply Go to the Cliqq Kiosk machine and enter your mobile number.

You just bring the little slip and pay it to the 7-Eleven cashier. You will then receive an SMS notification once it was successfully load up into your paymaya account.

How to buy Apps from Google Play without Risking or using Your Credit Card

Step 3. You can then Start Paying and Buying Apps Anywhere online!

The good thing about this Virtual Card is that,  there's no need for you to keep a minimum balance. You can just simply load it up when it's time for you to buy Apps in Google Play Store. You just have to go to any 7-Eleven Store and start loading your account and then use the balance to purchase Apps in Google Play Store.

So what are the other  Payment Methods aside from this Paymaya Virtual Card that you can use for your Google Account? You can share some of these methods by leaving a comment below.