6 Basic Rules Every Bloggers and Content Writers Should Know
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6 Basic Rules Every Bloggers and Content Writers Should Know

6 Basic Rules Every Bloggers and Content Writers Should Know

Imagine that you’ve just finished writing your blog or a great article that checks all the boxes. Your content has:

Great value,
Well designed
Can be a hit with the audience

Now, you are sitting at your laptop and wondering what to do next. This is a common situation which most bloggers and content writers, especially beginners, encounter. Many people don’t know where to go next and what to do with their new content once they are finished with everything.

Well, the answer on this type of questions is fairly simple. When you are done writing a blog or content page and are satisfied with the end product, then the logical next step that you need to do is distribution and publishing. The top content marketers and bloggers of today are of the impression that while content may be King; it's the distribution which really matters. Jonathan Perelman a VP of Agency Strategy and Industry Development at BuzzFeed went on record to say that content is king and distribution the queen.

Well actually, this means that when you have written a great piece or blog, you have to make sure that it is marketed properly to your target audience. Unless people can easily read and see what you have written about, all the effort of writing it will be worth nothing. Content through online marketing and blog promotion are the keys in getting the word out to your target audience.

Every blogger and content writer should know that they need to address clearly their content and promote it regularly among their followers or their audience. If people do not show interest in your work, then no matter how great and valuable your content is, nobody will know about it. Almost every writer fails to realize how important it is to promote their content and be easily found by the audience. In the end, if your content can be seen easily by your audience then that determines your success as a blogger and content writer.

All this might sound difficult and can leave a lot of bloggers and writers overwhelmed at first. Just as long as they remain calm and they take one step at a time. The important thing is to focus on the content and not get deterred by what's to come next. Once you’ve made the final changes and editions, then you can move on to the promotions and marketing.

It really isn't as tough as most individuals may think. These days, promoting your content is an integral aspect of everything, and with competition being very tough, one has to stand out and be unique. Remember that the audience can only be interested in your work if it's different and proves to be helpful for them.

This is where you’ve got to capitalize on a good promotional and marketing strategy. You must pitch your content to the targeted market audience in an exceeding approach that nobody else has or will be able to. The concept is to have interaction with people and prompt them to read and share your work to others. If you’re still not sure of what to do with your content, here’s what you can do so that you can avoid the


6 Basic Rules Every Bloggers and Content Writers Should Know


1.) Make sure to eliminate all the errors from the work

Read and scan through the final draft carefully and make sure that it’s error free. You should run spell checks to your content to get rid of all the common mistakes that could hamper your writing style.


2.) Take time to proof read and edit properly your content

Get somebody to proof read and scan everything in your content if possible. You can also approach a skilled editor to place it altogether. Your writing should appear unique, cohesive and clear. As a writer, the first and foremost important thing is communicating with the audience and making sure that they grab the main objective of your article.


3.) Build an effective marketing strategy

This is extremely important. You can either utilize the power of social media or enlist other platforms to promote your content. It is imperative that your target audience get to access it easily and will able to find it without any hassle.


4.) Create a good Optimization

Put in relevant keywords and optimize your content as much as possible. By putting relevant keywords that matches the subject of your article, this can help attract the viewers and help in bringing more traffic thus, providing your content a greater visibility.


5.) Prompt your Audience to share your Content on social media

Ask your Social Media followers or friends to share your work further on either Facebook or Twitter. With this method, not only will you be able to reach out to a bigger audience but also ensure that your content catches the attention it deserves.


6.) Add a little SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as what I mentioned on the other article, SEO is a very effective way to make sure that people see your work and go through it. If you have written a blog or content page about a relevant topic that would benefit your audience by offering them real time solutions, then you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is continue optimizing your content according to search engine requirements, and it will eventually show up within the top ranking search engines.

Remember that content marketing is not something that can be easily done properly overnight. It requires effort and patience on part of the Blogger/Writer. Promote your content as much as possible and on every social media outlet that you can think of. If you’ve got something worthwhile to offer, your audience will surely like it, they will share it and your audience will build up eventually.