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How To Make Money by Online Tutoring

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If you are a teacher by profession or even having a degree in college and you only want to work at home, then becoming an online tutor is the best job for you. There are countless reasons to start an online teaching job but let’s just start by this one simple piece of information. Before we jump in to that, we must also ask this question on what’s the benefit in working home base as an Online Tutor.

Well, by working as an online tutor, it gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your field, share your expertise, refresh your knowledge and most importantly it can help you earn a decent income while staying at home. You don’t need to go to school and your students, you just only need to connect to the internet and open up your computer or laptop and you are ready to go. You may decide to teach online for any reason and you can make money through it. We must first define ourselves by asking ourselves if we are skilled or experience in this online tutoring job.


What Is Required To Be An Online Tutor

This job is not for everyone. Before going for an online teaching job you should access yourself and make sure that you meet following requirements.

  1. Qualification: You must be enough qualified in the subjects you’re going to teach. If you are going to work for online teaching websites, you must have an advanced degree or certification and ability to write content for courses.
  2. Experience: Prior experience of teaching matters a lot for finding online teaching jobs
  3. Internet Facility: You must have working PC with fast and reliable internet connection for uninterrupted classes online.
  4. Commitment: You are required to be a committed person who is passionate about teaching.


What You’ll Get By Teaching Online

By teaching online you will get an opportunity to share your knowledge and eventually you’ll be more sharp in your field. It is a quite flexible job so you don’t have to worry much about your schedule and you can do this job in your extra time. On average online educators get $14 to $18 per hour, but if you are highly qualified in your field and teaching advanced courses you can earn up to $50 per hour.


How To Find Online Teaching Jobs

For getting an online educator job you must prepare your CV in order. Include your academic record, teaching philosophy statement and relevant experience which makes your incredible teacher. The next step is writing a cover letter which includes your educations and teaching background as your passion as stellar educator. The last thing you have to do is apply like crazy on online tutoring websites. The online education websites are not always hiring so you should bookmark these websites and check them regularly for vacant positions. The next section of this article lists companies on which you can apply as an online instructor.


Where To Apply

Here are some of the few websites on which you can send apply for online tutoring jobs.

Admissions Consultants: This is an American company which offers home based consultant job to people with prior experience in admissions consultancy.

Aim-For-A-Tutor: You can send your online tutor job application to mentioning your available hours, expected salary and Skype ID. They will get you back if your application attracts them.

ASAP Tutor : You can also apply for educator job in this company. It recruits the teachers for helping students with their homework assignments.

Brainfuse : This company also accepts the job applications for online tutors to work as tutor from home.

BrainMass : On this website students share their questions regarding different subjects which are answered by highly qualified teachers. You should have at least a masters degree to get registered as instructor on their website. They will pay you monthly a percent of what they get from students you helped.

Elevate K12 : You can work as part time tutor with this company. They offer home based tutoring jobs with flexible timings.

InstaEdu: This company also provides online tutoring services. You should check this website regularly for vacant teaching positions.

Pearson – If you’re a at least a graduate and resident of the US, you can apply to their website for tutor job. This will pay you $10 per hour to mark student assessment tests and but you have to work at least 20 hours per week for them.

Prep Now: This company require at least 2 years of experience of teaching and it offers jobs only to US residents.

Preply: This is a web based company which hires online tutors to for helping students in SAT and ACT courses.

Skillshare: You can extra money by teaching a subject in which you are good. You can make your own custom classes and set your own prices for the course you teach.

Tutor Vista: This company offers home based tutoring in subjects such as Math, English, Physics, Biology, Statistics and Chemistry. s : This is a very helpful website for professors, teachers and college students. You can apply for online teaching jobs in economics, accounting, finance, college physics and more.

TutorABC : This website offer tutoring work for people who have at least graduate degree. They also accept online application for tutor so you must try your luck on this website.

Tutors Teach : You can apply to this company if you are willing to work long term as an online tutor.

The above websites are some of the few list tutoring website that anyone can apply. If you have anything to share, please write down below in our comment section.