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4 Common Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Search Engine Ranking

4 Common Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Search Engine Ranking

Common Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Search Engine Ranking

So what are the Common SEO Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Search Engine Ranking? SEO is important for the survival of an online business. Many business owners and online marketers would disagree with the statement as they like to think that having great content is more important than SEO. They presume that having an amazing content on their websites is already good enough for the survival of their online business.

If you are one of those people and who focus more on the content, then you are somehow wrong as SEO is equally important.

In fact, SEO and content go hand in hand, and good quality of both these aspects is required to ensure the survival of online businesses.

After realizing the importance of SEO, be sure to avoid these mistakes that could potentially destroy your search engine rankings for good.


1.) Not Utilizing the Google Keyword Tool

Some people have the misconception that they are committing a horrendous act of cheating by using the Google keyword search. But this is not the case as this keyword tool is for helping the business owners in identifying the popular and least popular keywords.

Moreover, they also help the people in learning about the popular keywords that could be used by the visitors in their particular niche. So by not using the Google keyword tool and by inventing your keywords is a great way of stuffing up your rankings.


2.) Not Promoting Properly Your Content

The other mistake that would also destroy your ranking is not enough promotion of your content. A lot of web masters feel shy or not comfortable in sharing their content or asking other people to share it on their behalf.

This behavior is completely normal but for the sake of building a large audience base and to rank higher on the search engines, one should get rid of the feeling of shyness and share their content endlessly on multiple social platforms.

There is no need to promote content once your website become popular, but you would have to undertake the strenuous task of manually sharing you content in case of the new or unpopular web site.


3.) Inconsistent in Publishing Daily Content

A recent study showed that publishing content on your website twice per day has a better chance of ranking in the search engines than those who share content once every week.

So restricting the process of uploading the content to once every single month can destroy your only chance of ranking better in the search engines.


4.) Not Utilizing the Search Engines’ Webmaster Tool

The webmaster tool is an incredible feature provided by both Bing and Google. It was created to the public for the advantage and benefits of the web owners.

The registered members of the Webmaster Tool have access to a unique way of evaluating their sites and knowing about their status among their target audience. Not utilizing the Webmaster Tool is like driving on a dangerous track along with your eyes closed.
Webmaster Tool is a simple process; it does not require technical knowledge. By not utilizing its services, online business owners are destroying their solely chance at visibility among their target market.

The list mentioned, in any way, does not build up for the entire SEO mistakes; there other different mistakes that even seasoned web owners are committing on a daily basis. Therefore, every business owner should be mindful of their environment and should stay clear of these mistakes that could cost them no ranking at all.